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Your Company

by Charm of Finches

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The Bridge - lyrics I walked the way that you used to go And I see your face in the cumulus clouds and the water down below And I wonder why you ever came here And you jumped so far that you'd always be falling until you disappear And oh, oh, oh what is there to say now? When all we have left is the wind The silence now seems to swallow me whole And our laughter it turned to howling when gravity took you in his hold Now Christmas Day is bitter Carols silenced mid refrain And I hear the sound of you hitting the water in their place You once told me you wondered what it would be like to fly You once told me you wondered what it would be like to die Taken to the air You began your endless flight
Lies 03:29
Lies - lyrics I do hope the clouds will blow over soon So you will abide by my every rule You’ll find someone to crawl into their empty heart Whisper in their little ear Tell to them your little lies and all their fears I’ll be so clear with you I won’t fall from my throne to lift you onto yours Oh look who I’ve become and see all that you have done You gave me lies, lies All of them lies I live from lies I die from lies, lies I do wonder how you came to be The one who told me who and what was me I don’t want someone who wants to keep me in their arms Won’t let go when I do ask Can’t seem to ever look past their own desire You told her that she was wrong That she should be all that she sees And when she believed you The lies you told became the truth You kept your eyes open To see if you could find another To pry on, to hide from, to wait till their life’s gone
Fish in the Sea - lyrics Your eyes held mine with a child’s innocence Never thought I’d meet somebody like this Well yes it’s true you are one of a kind The kind that discard everything that they find A body for a body I thought a fair deal But you took all you could just for the time to kill But then when you felt bored, alone and at a loss You danced away, back in the water I was tossed I have watched you wander in and out of love You cannot find your ground You will keep searching, breaking others as you try Well I was just some other fish in the sea And you’d find some other better than me And when the sunlight faded I was just as grey As anybody else you’d see any day When I said I missed you was it hard to say it back I told you all my fears you said “its courage that you lack” All your brutal honesty it’s sometimes hard to take The way that you go on about the money that you make I have watched you wander in and out of love You cannot find your ground You will keep searching, breaking others as you try To find someone who’s just like you Who hurts but can’t be hurt by others. Will you ever see that part of you we’re frightened of? But you were just some other fish in the sea And I’ll find some other better for me And when the darkness reigns and we’re both alone and grey We’re just somebody elses lost in the spray We’re just somebody elses lost in the ocean spray
Her Quiet Footsteps - lyrics What is this place that I live? You don’t know the half of it Why did she leave it all to me? Just hold it all down, they say I’m asking for more than I could ever deserve The smiles, the laughter, they ran along behind her Quiet footsteps, they’re cold now It’s been three years or so and still I can’t comprehend it This blue that’s left behind Was I ever the fighting one? I couldn’t say that I feel that way I am only the healing one Holding my own hand With shaking arms We jumped into the water off Rosebud pier Two thousand and ten in the summer A fleeting memory lost to the wind Just a picture held in a photo book The small boy under the tree Circa nineteen sixty three Sure he’d be glad to see you and me The white noise here reminds me that Your footsteps, are cold now It’s been three years or so and still I can’t comprehend it This blue that’s left behind Will the tears come to the surface Now that I’m sucked dry An empty shell I’ve got a piece of your heart Thrown up, spat out into the dark
Paint me a Picture (written on your nylon string guitar) Silence on the telephone gave me space to fill it with resent But how I wanted you to hold me, how I wanted you to smile and take my hand Pain pulled you back to a place words couldn’t describe, that I couldn’t see in your eyes And yes I know I didn’t look hard enough and oh how I wish I’d tried Instead of pushing you aside So paint me a picture and I’ll tell you what I see I see the pain in your eyes when you’re staring back at me And oh how could I break it, trust built from the bone And now I know your side of the story I struggle to see my own I struggle to see my own Fitful feverish slumbers wrenched up things I wanted to forget Looking the past in the face, I wanted to be anything but that Took me back to a place that held me in chains Where people screamed my name It’s hard to confess how much I loved being a stranger in that place Telling made up stories, fitting a different person to my face And I hate how much my mouth just talks sometimes Maybe I’m not trustworthy, maybe you’re right Now it’s so hard to discern my wrong from right Oh I’m so sorry I’ll try hard to find it.
In the Gloaming - lyrics Footsteps on the floorboards Echo too loud to be ignored And the silence is your laughing You have gone some place I do not know And I see you there in the middle of the air When come the dawning you’re fading I’m falling You wake me but I’m dreaming Fingers on the cold glass Frosted over now that summer’s passed Lengthened shadows in the gloaming Oh your body chills me to the bone In the quiet of the night You’re suspended in the light When come the dawning you’re fading I’m falling You wake me but I’m dreaming The cold it numbed your body You keep diving deep The sun has set there’s no tomorrow I won’t see you anymore Winter snow left in shame Waking on a sunny day If I watch the stars I might see you climbing And I see you there in the middle of the air When come the dawning you’re fading I’m falling You wake me but I’m dreaming
I'll Wonder 04:31
I’ll Wonder - lyrics She held your warm hand and you both danced in the night-time She was thrilled when you tenderly kissed her lips instead of mine And you sat by the fire, whispered softly in her ear And she leaned a little closer thinking how beautiful this is And I’ll wonder, that’s all I’ll do And I’ll wonder how to feel about you And you both howled with the chorus and you laughed till your insides hurt And you discussed the universe in complicated words And she looked into your eyes and you couldn’t resist ‘Cause she gave to you everything, more than I could ever give I know that we’re both aching to run away from all that’s held us back Was just a matter of time till we were forced to wear the courage that we lack Fear of the unknown and being left alone And I’ll wonder, that’s all I’ll do And I’ll wonder how to feel about you And I’ll wonder, that’s all I’ll do And I’ll wonder how it will be without you
Slip Like Water - lyrics She doesn’t have control over your sympathy If you want her to wreck herself for company She will be the one to keep you happy If she goes you’ll find another just as easily Despite your ability to please her You won’t find her smiling Pleading to stay quiet But you tell her it’s worth it We’ll all watch in silence Feeding you with confidence You hold her future in your bare hands You came one bright morning with your suitcase Told us not to worry you’d find your own place Secretly you gathered all you needed Left us on the wind with only a wave We wondered was she ever happy? She seemed so quiet and lonely The guilt over our shoulders A blanket laid upon us We’ll all watch in silence Feeding lies with confidence You held her future in your bare hands
Where Do the Ducks Go? - lyrics When it gets so cold that the lake turns to glass' Oh where do the ducks go? is all I ask And what do the fish do? Are they frozen in? And when it gets so dark that the ants cannot see Oh how will they find their way to their homes underneath And where do the birds sleep? Where do they all go? Do they all have houses in the clouds? oh I don’t know So I’ll go ask the wise owl Go ask him he might know all the answers To all of the things that I’ve wanted to know Like how does the grass grow? How to count up all my fingers and toes And how do I stop my mind going places I don’t want it to go? When the morning light melts the ice upon my windowpane I wonder how long it will take for the sunlight to evaporate it The flowers on the back fence If I watch them will they bloom? And when the day is fading and the trees are bathed in gold And the sun goes to sleep behind the hill as I’ve been told If I listen closely will I hear its sighing breath? Will it rise again in the morning or will it just forget?
Good Luck on Your Own - lyrics Lost in timeless halls Tethered to the walls Running waterfalls Forced to watch mistakes as you come and go You don’t even know that I’m There you stand Falling constantly In my absence skies are grey All of my worst mistakes Habitually perpetuate How will this eventuate If all the world were just like me? If only I could unwind Turn back the clocks and change my mind But now I’m all out of time And I live in this limbo Guess I have to go good luck on your own Oh the tears that flow from your face of stone Oh the storm in you hidden from all view Try to find the calm that lies before you Now I’ve been and gone And you live alone A message on your phone repeating Told you I’d be home That night in early June Weathered boards and dust gathers Here you stand Gazing mournfully I watch as your memories fade away
Your Company 04:45
Your Company - lyrics Your blue eyes in the morning Warm bodies in the dark Oh how the time flies when I am in your arms Give a chime of wonder Give a sigh of content Give me most anything I’m not likely to forget Oh I just want your company Oh I just want it and I don’t want anything else Laughter in the forest Dancing in the street You make the whole room smile in your wake Longing for you when you’re gone Your familiar voice on the line A whisper I’d know if I were ever to go blind Now, now that all's been said and done And the battle’s lost and won And you who’ve lent us your ears Do forgive our frailties And if you like you’ve slumbered here Songs but drifting on the air As everything came to a close I realised I left you no words I wrote you a letter, words that you never heard


“the album has the easiness of casual intimacy, punctuated by moments of shimmering beauty such as the fluid shape of Slip Like Water, the delicacy of Lies and the hazy morning bluegrass of the title track.”

— Bernard Zuel


released November 29, 2019

Charm of Finches are Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes
All songs written and arranged by Charm of Finches
except track 10 written/arranged by Charm of Finches & Cian Bennet

Produced & Engineered by Nick Huggins & Charm of Finches
Mixed by Nick Huggins
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering, Scotland, UK

Mabel: vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, piano, electric guitar, ukulele
Ivy: vocals, violin, banjo, glockenspiel, piano, guitar, ukulele
Cian Bennet: vocals & trumpet on track 10
Dan Witton: double bass on track 7
Nick Huggins: electric guitar on track 8 & tinkly piano on track 10

Photography by Emma McEvoy

c p Conversations With Trees 2019


all rights reserved



Charm of Finches Melbourne, Australia

Charm of Finches are Melbourne-based sister duo Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes. They make haunting chamber folk full of beauty and candour for the famished soul.


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